Getting over your struggles

There are many times in a person’s life where they may feel defeated. I for one, feel like this quite a lot, but I remember that there’s something inside of me that just keeps fighting and doesn’t want to give up.

I have battled anxiety and depression. When I was in university, I put myself under too much stress due to procrastination, which resulted me to have heart palpitations and a panic attack. The school doctor put me on anti-anxiety meds and told me that I would be fine… I went crazy! So I took myself off of them and ended up being just fine. This is just one example, but I know some of you can relate.

Flash forward to today.
I have exactly $2.42 in my bank account, $5 and some change, and approximately $60K in debt AND I have bills coming out of my ying-yang. But you know what? There’s so much more to life than just paying bills. We weren’t put on this earth to just work to pay bills and die. I look at my life and see how hard I work trying to survive and maintain this ‘abundance’ outlook on life.

As an entrepreneur, it is NOT easy and I know that. I’m in this situation because I put myself there; I have goals and dreams- reminding myself this keeps me going. My faith and my connection with Source keeps me going. I have a job to do on this Earth and I won’t give up, no matter how hard life can be.

We all struggle; if we didn’t, there wouldn’t be any growth or change. It’s just a matter of acknowledging it, forgiving yourself, and continuing on with an open heart and mind. Life doesn’t have to suck. There are so many opportunities and resources available, you just have to be willing to look.

At the end of the day, just know that you are supported no matter what. Do things that bring you joy versus having a cloud of fear and doubt over your head. If you give positive energy, you will receive it. That’s the law.

“Without a struggle, there won’t be progress.” ~ Frederick Douglas

“You struggle… again and again. And then one day, you triumph.” ~ Kate Grace

“We are in this struggle together.” ~ Philippians 1:30

“If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.” ~ Will Smith

We’re going to make it! Just #DoYourWerk




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