Shadows peel away

The heavy shadows that succumb my skull,
My mood is dull,
Where is the light?
Outside – my mind is trying to play
Tricks that slay
Hip hop hooray!


Good night, I said
While I tuck you into bed
To fall asleep
And not make a peep
To drift away time
Wasting a day, a crime.


Well that is of no more,
Open the door
And run free.


Run, run faster than ever before
Past the point of sore
past the pain,
You will find a gain


In strength, we fight
courage, lack the flight
Determination to succeed,
I am free.


Hope is found,
another day,
stumbling on the ground
to find the way


It’s okay
To feel this way
You are here to love you
more than you ever knew


Love thy self,
be stealth
To share the light
Bask right
Into the arms of the night
To kiss until dawn
And take plight


The shadows peel away
The feelings fade
Today is a new day.
A new time to explore,
see the world like never before.
A new lens
if you depend
To look at it this way
And start to stay
In the light.


to give an erection
to the shadows to disappear
and out the rear
To twist and turn,
A shift,
A rift
In the vortex of one


Not two, not three, not four
one is true
The only door
Into reason and being
A continuation of knowing
Of one


We are one.
I am one.
I am.




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