Four ways to find a mentor



It’s important for us to have some sort of guidance while we are growing and building ourselves and/or our businesses.
The question is: how do I find a mentor? You can look towards your family and friends and their circles for support, however, I believe that it comes down to you asking your highest/future self for guidance. What qualities do you want to embody when you’re older? Where do you see yourself in 10-20 years? Start being that – confident, smart, articulate, successful self. When the student is ready, the master will appear.



Just ask!  It’s so easy, yet we let fear take over. We are so lucky to have the Internet and the ability to access the entire world at our fingertips. We have the potential to find and contact anyone. Say you’re interested in a particular industry, start by researching the key influencers. Study them and figure out what makes them tick.
Realistically, these people receive hundreds of emails per day, so how will you stand out? Get their attention and start interacting with them via social media. Then take the chance and ask them to meet for coffee or even a quick phone call, but you have to make it worth their time. What makes you so special and deserving? Be confident and don’t give up.


Ten Thousand Coffees

I was introduced to this website last year and have had many successful coffee meet ups. It’s easy to use – simply register, create a profile, and start networking. If someone catches your eye, message them, and ask when they’re available to meet for coffee. It’s amazing because individuals and organizations are there for a common purpose – to network and build meaningful relationships and create a sense of community.


Attend networking events

I love networking events because you never know who you will meet. A simple Google search will show you networking events in your area. An excellent resource is BizNetworkNews. The Founder, Jennifer Beale is fantastic; she also organizes the Summer Networking Bash. I met my business mentor through someone else I had met at that event, so trust me, it works!


Join a professional association

The majority of professional associations have a mentorship component as one of its member values. The way it works, according to my association, IABC/Toronto, a junior member (mentee) gets paired up with a senior member (mentor) and they have monthly discussions on various topics.


I believe that if you really want to find a mentor, you need to be vulnerable to ask. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. A mentorship is a relationship that you need to build and nurture over time. It’s a good idea to discuss the boundaries, expectations, and meeting times at the beginning, to build a trust and consensus. Then, it’s just a matter of holding yourself accountable to be punctual and do your werk.
When you meet with your mentor, don’t refrain from asking questions. They are here to help guide you through your path, similar theirs, so they understand what you are going through. If something doesn’t agree with you, acknowledge their point of view and make your own decision. Trust your intuition. After all, this is your own journey; they’re just helping you skip a few paiges (lol! ;))


∞ ∞ ∞
I hope this post was helpful for those who are searching. I would love to hear if you are successful! Comment below and share how you found your mentor!


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